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Congratulations to our graduating seniors!

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in the Lang Center for our annual picnic yesterday in order to socialize and congratulate our graduating seniors of the class of ’09!

  • Julian Chender
  • Jonathan Leung
  • Maurice Weeks
  • Reina Chano
  • Ian Yarett

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sit outside because of the rain, but we enjoyed the opportunity to mingle and welcome new students, and we presented Prof. Amanda Bayer with a gift to mark her eleven years of service to the program. Prof. Bayer coordinated the program for at least four of those years and has made many important contributions. We appreciate her leadership!

Peace and Conflict Studies minors Kevin Kim ’12, Reina Chano ’09, Jonathan Leung ’09, and Maurice ’09 enjoy some of the delectables during our indoor picnic.