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Peace & Conflict Studies Blog

Congratulations to Peace and Conflict Studies’ Class of 2011!

Today is commencement, so we would like to congratulate our graduating seniors.

  • Samia Abbass
  • Meghan Aucker Becker
  • Kira Kern
  • Jung “Kevin” Kim
  • Myung Eun Lee “Mel”
  • Melinda Neal
  • Devon Novotnak
  • Nicole Topich
  • Jennifer Trinh

You have put in a lot of work and passion to complete your degrees.  This is a real accomplishment for each of you. We’re especially impressed with the way in which you bent your academic work toward understanding the challenges of destructive conflict, studying nonviolent alternatives, and envisioning a world without exploitation or war. You will no doubt, in your own ways, continue to help us reach these goals.

Stay in touch and best wishes with your next endeavors!