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General Romeo A. Dallaire on Humanitarian Intervention and films at Haverford this week

Talk by Lieutenant General The Honourable Roméo A. Dallaire, (Ret’d), and Canadian Senator

April 8, 4:30PM; KINSC Sharpless Auditorium

Dallaire’s talk will address genocide prevention in terms of “The Responsibility to Protect (R2P)” and a new initiative, “The Will To Intervene” (W2i).

Lieutenant General The Honourable Roméo A. Dallaire, (Ret’d), and Canadian Senator, has had a distinguished career in the Canadian military, achieving the rank of Lieutenant General and becoming Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources) in the Department of National Defence in 1998. In 1994, General Dallaire commanded the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). His book on his experiences in Rwanda, entitled Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda, met with international acclaim as a statement on the need for enhanced powers for the UN and the international community in dealing with cases of genocide. … read more …

Sunday April 4, 7:30pm Sharpless Auditorium: Ghosts of Rwanda (2004)

A PBS Frontline/BBC documentary to mark the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide — a state-sponsored massacre in which some 800,000 Rwandans were methodically hunted down and murdered by Hutu extremists as the U.S. and international community refused to intervene – examine the social, political and diplomatic failures that converged to enable the genocide to occur.

Wednesday, April 7, 7pm Chase Auditorium: Icyizere: Hope

Kenyan filmmaker Patrick Mureithi spent three years filming this documentary on the process of community reconciliation in Rwanda. The film focuses on a “Healing and Rebuilding our Communities” workshop (a Quaker initiated program run by the African Great Lakes Initiative), and was an official selection of the 2009 Rwanda Film Festival. This event brings Patrick Mureithi to Haverford’s campus to screen the film and hold a discussion on the themes of forgiveness, peacebuilding, justice and war.  View film trailer.

Friday, April 9, 7:30 Stokes Multicultural Center: Hotel Rwanda

(2004, dir. Terry George, starring Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo, Nick Nolte – runtime 2hrs)

Some of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind took place in Rwanda and in an era of high-speed communication and round the clock news, the events went almost unnoticed by the rest of the world. In only three months, 800,000 people were brutally murdered. In the face of these unspeakable actions, inspired by his love for his family, an ordinary man summons extraordinary courage to save the lives of over a thousand helpless refugees, by granting them shelter in the hotel he manages. Please alert your students to this series of events that will enable them to learn and to reflect on one of the worst instances of genocide in recent history, and one that is prompting a reconsideration of the ways the international community reacts to conflicts across the globe.