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Water, Violence, and Peacebuilding lecture by Ken Conca

“Water, Violence, and Peacebuilding”

A lecture by Ken Conca

April 12, 2010, 7:30 p.m.

Science Center Room 199

Ken Conca from the University of Maryland is coming to campus on Monday, April 12th to give a talk entitled “Water, Violence, and Peacebuilding.” The talk provides a critical look at all the media “water wars” talk, looks at the potential role of water in civil conflict, stresses the real violence around water (structural violence of development projects, human rights issues, privatization controversies), and then looks at water and peacebuilding. Ken is the author of Governing Water (winner of two International Studies Association Awards), The Crisis of Global Environmental Governance, and a co-editor of Green Planet Blues. This talk is an Environmental Studies talk with co-sponsorship from the Department of Political Science and Peace & Conflict Studies.



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  1. Lee Smithey Avatar
    Lee Smithey

    Many thanks to Professor Conca. I thought this was an excellent event, and I appreciated (even envied) his engaging and relaxed presentation style. McCabe library holds a range of documentary films on water and resource rights and conflict. One, called Thirst, is quite good. See http://tripod.swarthmore.edu/search~S3?/tThirst/tthirst/1%2C2%2C6%2CB/frameset&FF=tthirst&3%2C%2C5