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New video: Swarthmore’s Northern Ireland Semester

In honor of Dr. Denise Crossan’s arrival in Swarthmore today, we’re launching a new promotional video presentation about the Northern Ireland Semester. Watch it here or at https://vimeo.com/52799720

North Ireland Semester from Swarthmore Peace Studies on Vimeo.

Dr. Crossan is the Regional Director of the Swarthmore College Northern Ireland Semester Programme. Visit http://northernireland.swarthmore.edu If you are even vaguely interested in the Northern Ireland Semester, please contact Rosa Bernard (rbernar1) in the Off Campus Study office TODAY to see if you can arrange to meet with Denise Crossan about the possibility of studying in Northern Ireland.  You don’t have to commit to the program to chat and imagine what your semester in Northern Ireland might look like. There will also be a general information session about the program on Tuesday at noon in Sharples Room 6, which you are welcome to attend.

We hope you’ll be able to attend Denise’s lecture on social entrepreneurship tomorrow / Monday afternoon at 4:15 p.m.; see https://blogs.swarthmore.edu/academics/2012/10/24/crossan-lecture-social-entrepreneurship/ for more information.

Dr. Denise Crossan

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