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Introducing the Global Nonviolent Action Database – A Fireside Chat on “Contextualizing Egypt in the History of Nonviolent Tactics”

WHAT IF activists around the world who want to be more effective could turn to a database of actual cases, to get ideas for creative nonviolent strategies and tactics?

WHAT IF scholars and writers who are researching alternatives to violence could turn to a global database with thousands of cases where people used nonviolent action to struggle for justice and democracy?

Created largely by student researchers at Swarthmore College, the Global Nonviolent Action Database aims to make available to organizers, researchers, and writers the thousands of cases of nonviolent action from around the world to learn from and be empowered by. With over 400 case studies and growing, the Database includes a diversity of countries, actors, historical periods, and range of nonviolent tactics. The Database will soon be released to the public via the Internet, but has yet to be introduced to the Swarthmore campus.

The Global Nonviolent Action Database Project

Featuring students in the Research Seminars on Nonviolent Strategy and Struggle

“Putting Egypt etc. in Context” A Fireside Chat organized by Research Seminar students

Wednesday, March 23, 4.30 pm

Scheuer Room, Kohlberg Hall


Professors will participate in the discussion:

Prof. Lee Smithey

Prof. Shana Minkin

Prof. Steve O’Connell

Prof. George Lakey

Download a flyer.

“Working on the database project is the most empowering single thing I did during my college years.  It contradicted my cynicism about whether change is really possible, and showed me that people like myself can organize campaigns that matter.” – Shandra Bernath-Plaisted,’09.