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Peace and Conflict Studies Minor Sponsored Externship


My name is Kassandra Sparks and the Peace and Conflict Studies department recently sponsored my externship at Center for Resolutions. Jennifer Magee recommended I let you know about my experience, in case other students and alumni are interested in the opportunities the Peace and Conflict Studies department is presenting students here. Below, I have written up a small blurb outlining my experience thus far. If you have any more questions or would like any more information, please let me know! I have also attached a picture of myself with Bridget Caroll, the woman who spoke to my Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies class, in her office at the Center.

I became involved with Center for Resolutions in November thanks to taking Jennifer Magee’s Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies class. Jennifer invited Bridget Carroll from Center for Resolutions to speak to our class about the work the Center does in restorative justice, mediation, and dispute settlement. So inspired by the work she was doing, I contacted her and have been volunteering there since. The Center is an engaging, stimulating, fast-paced environment to work in, and as opened my eyes to the realities of non-profit organizations. Since there are only three paid staff members, I have the opportunity to (like them) take on multiple hats and truly make a difference in my community. A few of the responsibilities I have had are the following:

  • searching for and writing grants
  • compiling and analyzing data about the Center
  • contacting police liaisons
  • designing a website
  • assisting the Center’s push to be more active in social media
  • and so many more

The skills I have learned from the short months I have been interning at the Center have been incredible, and I can only imagine how much more I will learn over the following years at Swarthmore. I feel so much more prepared both to apply for summer internships this summer as well as to apply these skills in my internship.

I am extremely grateful for both the Peace and Conflict Studies program and the Lang Center for exposing my to this opportunity, sponsoring my externship, and funding my transportation. Peace and Conflict Studies Minor Sponsored Externship
Thank you again,
Kassandra Sparks