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Anna Badkhen talk: Peace Meals: Candy-Wrapped Kalashnikovs and Other War Stories

Anna BadkhenFreelance journalist Anna Badkhen spent the last 10 years covering conflict zones. She shares the personal stories of the affected people with whom she met, spoke, laughed, and ate along the way in her new book, Peace Meals, in which the meals she shared serve as a frame for humanizing the way she reports on war.

Anna Badkhen was born in the Soviet Union, where she began her journalism career, and has been working as a freelance journalist since she moved to the US a few years ago. “Peace Meals” is her first book.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4:30 p.m.

Scheuer Room, Kohlberg Hall

Maps and directions to campus are available.

Sponsored by: Serendipity Fund, FFS, Peace and Conflict Studies, and War News Radio

Listen to Anna Badkhen interviewed by Chuck Nevius of the San Francisco Chronicle.