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The passing of Art Gish

Art Gish

Swatties will recognize this 2003 picture, which appears in our program’s promotional materials.  Some students in the program will recall reading Art Gish’s book, Hebron Journal.

Sadly, Art Gish perished in a farming accident on Wednesday.  Gish is a life-long peace activist who had an insatiable intellectual curiosity and was deeply humble, committed, and authentic about the pursuit of peace.

Both Art and his wife, Peggy, have been involved in nonviolent peacebuilding and third-party nonviolent intervention in the Middle East. In fact, Peggy is currently in Iraq.  Art began working with Christian Peacemaker Teams in 1995, and in Hebron Journal, Gish describes his personal experiences in trying to use nonviolent tactics to “get in the way” (to use CPT’s slogan) and stand with Palestinians while building relationships with settlers, police, and others across deep political, psychological, and emotional divides.

Our thoughts go out to Peggy Gish and the rest of Art’s family and friends.