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Theatre of Witness presents ‘We Carried Your Secrets’

Students participating in the college’s off-campus study program in Northern Ireland have had a unique opportunity to work with Swarthmore Visiting Instructor Teya Sepinuck on Theatre of Witness productions at the Playhouse in Derry/Londonderry. An enthusiastic review has been written about the play in the Derry Journal, and you can read more and listen to a podcast with Teya Sepinuck at culturenorthernireland.org Caitlin O’Neill ’10 worked on the production last semester. Samia Abbass ’11 (PCS special major) and Sarah Brajtbord ’11 are working on the production this semester. Devon Novotnak ’11 will be working on a new Theatre of Witness production in the spring.

Teya320xTrue stories of silence, secrecy and healing.Theatre of Witness presents ‘We Carried Your Secrets’

By Eamon Baker

‘We Carried Your Secrets’ is a multimedia production which unites a group of fathers who are ex-combatants and who were on the front lines during the Troubles.

Together they share their shadow stories of the conflict, their reasons for actively joining their political group and of their transformation. In his review of this innovative production, local writer EAMONN BAKER says it’s a performance that ‘richly deserves nightly standing ovations’

Read the full story at the Derry Journal website.