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Three Days in Palestine

Simulation aims to spark dialogue

Olivia Natan | Phoenix Staff

Sarah Brajtbord ’11 said her visit to Palestine after her freshman year made a dramatic impact on her.

“Going through the checkpoints [of the West Bank] as a privileged American, especially as a privileged Jewish American, was one of the most profound and emotional experiences of my life, and it’s really something that brought me to the level of activism and the commitment to [Israeli-Palestine relations] that I have today,” she said.

A leader of Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine, Brajtbord was instrumental in the planning and execution of this week’s “Three Days in Palestine,” which featured a screening of “Divine Intervention” on Tuesday, a discussion forum facilitated by Assistant Dean and Director of the Intercultural Center Rafael Zapata last night, and, most notably, a simulation of an Israeli checkpoint within the West Bank which divides Israel and Palestine.  Read the rest of the story at The Phoenix.

Photo Credit: Olivia Natan | Phoenix Staff