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Prof. Dominic Tierney on Radio Times: The Obama doctrine and Libya

This morning, after President Obama’s address to the nation last night, Swarthmore’s Prof. Dominic Tierney appeared on WHYY’s program Radio Times, to talk about the Obama doctrine and Libya. You can listen to the interview with the player at the bottom of this post.

From Radio Times:

The morning after President Obama’s prime-time speech about his decision to intervene militarily in Libya, we take stock of the emerging ‘Obama doctrine’ guiding U.S. foreign policy. Citing a controversial and new United Nations principle known as the “Responsibility to Protect,” advocates for military intervention on humanitarian grounds succeeded in reversing the Obama administration’s initial reluctance to get involved in a third military front in the Muslim world. Helping us make sense of the President’s speech, his foreign policy and its implications for the Middle East are Swarthmore political scientist DOMINIC TIERNEY, TOM MALINOWSKI of Human Rights Watch and AARON DAVID MILLER of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.