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New peace and conflict studies logo celebrating 125 years since first course taught

This summer, we announced on our blog that we are celebrating 125 years since the first peace studies course in higher education, “Elements of International Law with special attention to the important subjects of Peace and Arbitration,” was taught at Swarthmore by Professor William Penn Holcomb in 1888. Read more.

Today, we are unveiling a commemorative logo to celebrate this historical achievement and the College’s commitment to the field through its Program in Peace and Conflict Studies.

 PCS 125 year logo


4 responses to “New peace and conflict studies logo celebrating 125 years since first course taught”

  1. Jeff Lott Avatar
    Jeff Lott

    It took me a minute to read this visually—a clenched “power” fist with the two raised fingers of the peace sign. The beauty of the peace sign is that you cannot give it with a clenched fist, so I find this a little dissonant. Perhaps that was the intention.

    Congratulations on the anniversary.

    Jeff Lott

    1. Thanks for your interest, Jeff. The logo represents both peace and conflict with a nod to nonviolent resistance via the clenched fist that has become the symbol of many nonviolent struggles for justice and democracy. Some will also recognize that it is VERY similar to the cover of the important book by Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan, “Why Nonviolent Civil Resistance Works.”

  2. Pedro Gonzales Avatar
    Pedro Gonzales

    Where can we order the T shirt? 🙂

    1. Not a bad idea! 🙂