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Join the Organizing Skills Institute


All events are free and will be hosted at the Scheuer Room in Kohlberg Hall. For more information please contact osi@trainingforchange.org

Organizing 101

How to Build Your Group

December 7th, 5-9PM starting with dinner. Organizing on campus means busy schedules and lots of issues to choose from. Come gain skills on how to build interest and commitment in order to form a group actively fighting injustice. Philadelphia organizers Jay Masika (youth organizer, facilitator and organizer), Blanca Pacheco (with the New Sanctuary Movement) and Celia Kutz (TFC Trainer and organizer) will train you on how to build a group’s identity, clarify roles and determine priorities.

Organizing 102

Moving Your Issue Forward:

January 30, 2016, 1-6PM with lunch. Groups working on immigration, the school to prison pipeline or other large issues may struggle picking one part to work on. Come learn how to pick an issue on campus, learn about campaign organizing, create reachable goals and explore what kind of tactics will be most effective to reach those goals. RSVP for this event at osi@trainingforchange.org.

For over 20 years, Training for Change has provided activist training for groups standing up for social, economic, and environmental justice through strategic nonviolence. We’ve led hundreds of workshops and trained thousands of people – from striking steelworkers to interfaith coalitions for immigrant rights – in the skills they need to effectively create change. For more information visit www.trainingforchange.org


2 responses to “Join the Organizing Skills Institute”

  1. I am Christine Ashley, Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Quaker Field Secretary and I will be visiting in the area on February 8th!

    I would love to talk with students and soon-to-be-graduates about the paid internships and lobbying opportunities available through FCNL and if desired, I could also offer a mini lobbying training (read training teaser!)

    Please let me know if this date or these subjects would be of interest to Swarthmore’s social change activists. DC and statewide activists excited to connect with Swarthmore students.

    1. Lee Smithey Avatar
      Lee Smithey

      Ms. Ashley, I am afraid we have only just discovered this post. Since you made the post, we have indeed hosted visits by FCNL. Thank you for your work.