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Peace and Conflict Studies in Northern Ireland

During the spring semester of 2008, Swarthmore College launched an innovative community-based study abroad program in Northern Ireland, and two Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) students, Reina Chano ’09 and Maurice Weeks ’09, were the first to complete the inaugural semester. A third PCS student, Jessa Deutsch ’10, participated in a summer internship this past summer. Cecelia Osowski ’10 (also a PCS student) and Andrew VanBuren ’10 are currently participating in the program in Derry/Londonderry.

Lee Smithey recently sat down with Reina, Maurice, Jessa, and two of the program’s in-country facilitators, Dr. Denise Crossan and Ms. Adree Wallace at the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility.

You can listen in on the conversation and learn more about the Northern Ireland semester via this podcast:


from left to right: Jessa Deutsch ’10, Maurice Weeks ’09,

Lee Smithey, Reina Chano ’09, Denise Crossan,

Adree Wallace


For more information on Peace and Conflict Studies and the Northern Ireland semester, please contact Lee Smithey or the Office for Foreign Study.


3 responses to “Peace and Conflict Studies in Northern Ireland”

  1. Debi Burdman-Deutsch Avatar
    Debi Burdman-Deutsch

    I am the mother of Jessa. I just want to publicly thank Swarthmore, the Lang Center, Jessica’s Professors and most certainly Denise Crossan, for the amazing experience that was offered to my daughter. She takes her education very seriously and this past summer was a terrific furthering to that end.

    Thank you ALL for allowing her to be a part of your program!

  2. Nicole Moran O'Neil Avatar
    Nicole Moran O’Neil

    I feel the same as Jessa’s mother! My daughter, Caitlin O’Neil has been in Derry barely two weeks, but each time I speak with her she is brimming with new information and enthusiasm for her experiences and what she is learning. The Northern Ireland program is a tremendous opportunity. We are all extremely appreciative of everyone who has worked to make it possible. Thank you!

  3. Dear Ms. Burdman-Deutsch and Ms. O’Neil:

    We are so pleased that Jessa and Caitlin have been / are participating in the program. It really is a unique program, and we are very much enjoying working with the Swarthmore students who have taken the program so seriously and have really made the most of their time in Northern Ireland. Thank you for your encouraging comments!

    Lee Smithey

    Peace and Conflict Studies Program

    Department of Sociology and Anthropology